I want a three garridebs episode, i want it, imagine it, they’d change it so john got properly shot instead of just grazed, immediate parallels to “If you were dying, if you were murdered, in the very last seconds, what would you say?”, john ‘dying’ in sherlock’s arms, immediate parallels to reichenbach, I don’t want anything subtle I want full on drama love confession blood tbh, thanks

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Hey i dont watch doctor who but can u explain to me why he only chooses companions from earth and females? Like he can go anywhere and there must be other species that are similar to us.

I mean in classic who he had male companions, that’s what I’m hoping for with Capaldi. I think the human aspect is to inject the viewer into the series. We can live vicariously through the human companions and feel like we’re being taken along on the adventure. Maybe? Idk good point tho!